Ankle Sprain


Surgical Options

Surgery is usually not required for an ankle sprain. But if non-surgical treatments do not fully fix the problem or there is persistent instability months after treatment and rehabilitation have begun, surgery may be the next course of action.

Surgery entails arthroscopy. The surgeon will look inside the joint to see if there are any loose fragments of bone or cartilage, or part of the ligament is caught in the joint. If repairs are needed, the surgeon will repair the torn ligament with stitches or sutures, or use ligaments and/or tendons found in the foot and around the ankle to repair the damaged ones.



Rehabilitation after surgery focuses on restoring the strength and range of motion to its pre-injury levels. This can take time, and the length of time will depend on the extent of the initial injury and the type of surgery that was required. Full rehabilitation can take weeks and even months.

If you have questions about surgical options or want to make an appointment with one of our sports medicine experts to discuss your condition, please contact our Patient Care Coordinators and they'll be happy to help you.