Preventing Hip Injuries


The tremendous loads and rotation of the hip during sports can put it at risk of an injury. Maintaining strength and flexibility in the muscles surrounding the joint can help minimize the risk of injury.

The following exercises can help prevent hip injuries:


Strength Walks

This exercise is great for strengthening the muscles on the outside of the hip.

1.     Attach a piece of elastic tubing around the ankles.

2.     Get into good athletic position, knees bent slightly and not over the toes, body upright and facing forward, and feet slightly wider that shoulder width apart.

3.     Maintaining this position, slowly step laterally 6 inches with the right foot.

4.     While controlling the band, lift the left foot and step in towards the right foot 6 inches.

5.      Continue this pattern while "walking" about 20 to 25 feet.

6.     Repeat this exercise two times in each direction.


Straight Leg Raise

This is a good exercise for strengthening the muscles that bend the hip and straighten the knee.

1.     Lie on your back, knees bent, feet flat and straighten one leg.

2.     Tighten the muscle on the top of that thigh and straighten the knee as much as possible.

3.     Keeping the knee straight, raise your leg one to two feet off the ground (Do not arch your back).

4.     Hold your leg up and count out loud for 10 seconds.

5.     Relax. Repeat with the other leg.


Hip Hooray

This exercise can be done either standing or lying on your back.

1.     If you lie down, spread your legs as far apart as possible.

2.     Roll your legs and feet out like a duck and then in, pigeon-toed.

3.     If you are standing, move one leg out to your side as far as you can. Lead out and in with the heel. Hold onto a counter for support.


Back Kick

This exercise will increase your backward mobility and strengthen your hip.

1.     Hold onto a counter for support.

2.     Move the leg up and back, knee straight.

3.     Stand tall and (Do not arch your back).