At one time, a knee injury was a career ender in sports. Once the knee had been hurt, there was no way to ever return it to "like new" condition. Thanks to advances in sports medicine, knee injuries may still be serious, but they no longer end once promising careers.

While knee injuries have been part of professional sports for decades, increasingly, they are sidelining casual sports participants and high school students. For high school athletes, knees were the second most injured part of the body, particularly for students participating in boy's football and wrestling and girl's soccer and basketball.

The sports medicine experts at the Florida Hospital Celebration Health Sports Medicine Program are highly experienced in treating all forms of knee injuries, including ligament tears, torn cartilage, fractures and muscle tears.

Following are some of the more common knee injuries treated at the FHCH Sports Medicine Program:

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Anatomy of the Knee

The knee is a complex structure that lets the athlete do some pretty amazing things, from accelerating quickly in a sprint to turning on a dime. If you are unfamiliar with the anatomy of the knee and how it relates to the injuries above, you'll want to start here. LEARN MORE