Though less common than some other sports injuries, injuries to the hip can be extremely debilitating. They are most common in activities that require high degrees of acceleration and deceleration, side-to-side movement, jumping, kicking, repetitive twisting motions or quick directional changes. These include football, hockey, rugby, soccer, martial arts and track and field events.

Since the orthopaedic surgeons as the Florida Hospital Celebration Health Sports Medicine Program specialize in sports-related injuries, they are well versed in treating hip injuries. Not only will they be able to get you back into action sooner, but through a combination of state-of-the-art therapies, treatments and rehabilitation programs, they will return you in top form - physically, mentally and spiritually.

Following are some of the most common hip injuries we treat:

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Anatomy of the Hip

The hip region is a true ball and socket structure that allows the body to have a tremendous range of motion while still providing strength and support for everyday activities, such as standing, walking and sitting. If you're unfamiliar with the anatomy of the hip, you'll want to use this guide to help you understand the various injuries above. Anatomy of the Hip