Sprained Thumb


When you fall, your hands naturally extend out to cushion the impact with the ground. Unfortunately, that exposes your fingers to injury, including sprains and breaks. A sprained thumb is one of the most common injuries in a fall, and can occur alone or be part of more extensive injuries.


Causes of a Sprained Thumb

A sprained thumb is caused by direct contact with the ground or other solid object. The ulnar collateral ligament is stretched or torn, causing what is commonly referred to as a sprained thumb.


Sprained Thumb Symptoms

Symptoms of a sprained thumb include:

  • Bruising
  • Tenderness and swelling
  • Weakness, pain, and instability



If the ligament has been partially torn, the thumb joint will have to be immobilized with a bandage or cast until it can heal properly. Often a splint will need to be worn for about three weeks.

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