Elbow / Wrist

In sports and any physical activity, the elbows, arms and wrists are naturally open to injury. From swinging a bat or club to taking a bad fall on a downhill ski run in the winter, these areas often bear the full force of the activity, whether you're overusing it in a repetitive motion or breaking a fall.

Following are some of the more common elbow and wrist injuries that the Florida Hospital Celebration Health Sports Medicine Program specializes in:


Anatomy of the Elbow and Wrist

The region of the body that extends from the elbow to the wrist is a complex structure of bones, ligaments and muscles that provide athletes with an amazing range of motion as well as sophisticated functions. This section will help you understand the anatomy of the elbow and wrist as it relates to these sports-related injuries. Learn more about elbow, wrist and hand surgery for your injury.

Anatomy of Elbow and Wrist