Ankle and Foot Anatomy


The ankle is composed of four bones - the tibia, the fibula, talus and calcaneus. These bones work together to allow for movement of the joint along certain planes.



The ligaments are vital to creating stability in the ankle itself. Ligaments in the ankle joint include the medial (inner) and lateral (outer).


Lateral Ligaments

These include the anterior talofibular ligament (ATF), the posterior talofibular ligament (PTF) and the calcaneofibular ligament (CF).


Medial Ligaments

Medial Ligaments include the deltoid ligament, which supports the medial side of the joint, and is attached at the medial malleolus of the tibia and connects in four places to the calcaneus.


Anterior/Posterior Ligaments

These ligaments support the lateral side of the joint from the lateral malleolus of the fibula to the end of the talus.