Specialized Programs

The Florida Hospital Celebration Health Sports Medicine Program has established key partnerships with some of the leaders in sports performance training.


Tom Shaw Performance


Tom Shaw Performance (TSP) training is a multidisciplinary and dynamic performance training program for high school, college and professional athletes - The explosive and athletically based movements are designed to help athletes get faster, stronger and more agile.   This elite program has a sport specific design to maximize athletic potential through intense speed training, harnessing explosive power, increasing muscular strength and developing quickness and agility so it can excel the athlete in any sport!

The TSP program places a major emphasis on the educational components of training. By understanding the specific training methods and how each applies to your sport can you truly achieve great success. So any athlete looking to maximize his or her potential is welcome to train and gear their abilities in order to be dominate.

If you believe you are determined to become a more dominate athlete, come be a part of an elite group of athletes that have trained through Coach Tom Shaw at the TSP training facility.  We will guarantee the results and no competitor out there has more experience getting an athlete ready to perform at a higher level than this program.  LET THIS PROGRAM WORK FOR YOU!



Tom Shaw doesn't believe running fast for long distances does football players any good. He says he could spend "15 straight days running the dog out of football players" and they'd just get well conditioned-but not faster. Tom's logic on this is spot-on: On the football field, the longest play is six or seven seconds so training long is a waste. Instead, Tom drills his players in the vertical jump and the standing long jump. "If we can increase these two things, you'll be faster in the 40-yard dash."

Also, Tom trains guys like they are in their position. "You don't train a wide receiver to run like an offensive lineman," he says. Tom has his players doing drills specific for each position-like drills to make a QB better at dropping back just three or five steps. No matter what athlete he's training, Tom keeps his calm. "I'm not a screamer," he says. "I'm more the guy to give players an idea how to do something rather than scream at them because they don't know how to do it." So listen up and learn.